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The Mystic River DataCommon is an online mapping tool.

Sponsored by the Mystic River Watershed Association, the website makes available a wide range of geographic data about water quality of the Mystic River, features in the Mystic River watershed, and a wide variety of additional data.

Explore data, print out maps, and create your own maps using our DataMap tool.

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Since the summer of 2000, MyRWA's Mystic Monitoring Network (MMN) has been collecting longterm water quality data from ten sites in the freshwater part of the watershed.

Created under a grant from MassDEP to collect data from the main stem of the Mystic as well as several of its tributaries, the MMN is the first large scale volunteer monitoring program in the watershed.

The goals of the MMN are to:

This website contains a sampling of the data collected as part of the MMN - for more data see the Mystic River Watershed Association website.

Since July 2000, MyRWA has been monitoring trends in water quality with the help of a dedicated corps of volunteers. Water samples are collected from thirteen sites across the watershed (see map and site list below) and are analyzed for:

MyRWA recently released the first Mystic River Baseline Index, which is a summary of water quality from 2001-2007 and describes current conditions in the watershed based on the results of baseline monitoring.

Each month, MyRWA staff and volunteers collect samples as part of more intensive sub-watershed studies through the Hot Spot monitoring program.

Samples may be collected along the entire length of a tributary, or from suspicious stormwater outfall pipes that discharge to the watershed's rivers and streams.

These samples may be analyzed for bacteria, dissolved oxygen, total suspended solids, surfactants, and ammonia. The Hot Spot program has several goals:

The Mystic River Watershed Association (MyRWA) and Charles River Watershed Association (CRWA) received a grant from the Massachusetts Environmental Trust that enabled the two organizations to work together to improve water quality impaired by stormwater runoff in the Mystic and Charles River watersheds.

The project addressed improving water quality by identifying and removing pollution caused by stormwater (non-point source pollution) that threatens public and aquatic health.

During the three-year project, MyRWA accomplished the following:

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